The pieces of work below are just a handful of examples of my work. Other pieces can not be shown due to licensing and contracted agreements. Please see my cv on the main page to review some of the companies I have worked for and the fields that they work in.

Motion Graphics

Josh Pyke Music Video ShowcaseFormula One SilverstoneMade in Brunel Showreel 2008Speedway Gran Prix Events Calendar 09Smokescreen Trailer

Motion Experiments

Fort Williams Locator MapXmas Hallmark E-Card 2008Xmas Hallmark E-Card 2008Hallmark 08 Launch Presentations

3D Graphics

3D Photorealistic Interior SceneF1 Europe Corner InfoBBC Bowls Graphics

Website Design

Personal Website 2006Clarimed Website 2007

Video Editing


  1. My name is Elias and I study computer graphics at Purdue University in Indiana, USA. Congratulations on being in Computer Arts Magazine. What did you use to make the music video? Were the individual pieces hand sketched and then live traced in Illustrator and composited in After Effects?

    I really enjoy your work. Congratulations again!

  2. Hey Elias, Thanks for the message. You’re suspicions are correct.. Sketch > Illustrator > After Effects.. For a look behind the scenes I’ve this embarrassing video, which I’ve still yet to re-record.

    I’m glad you like the piece. Thanks again.

  3. just read your interview in CAP, and checked out your vid. Im so pleased to see some beautiful 2D work done through AFX! I’m getting to grips with AFX myself and have wanted to create a similar effect using my print work but have been feeling uninspired. Your vid has changed that and just wanted to say thanks! Also watched the how to vid and wa amazed the 3D-esque bits were done in afx, but chuffed cos now I can have a go. Have you found expressions difficult to grasp? Is there anywhere online or a book you would reccommend regarding expressions? Same goes for camera and lighting or is this something you have picked up through working in 3D?
    cheers and hope to see more of stuff like this 🙂

  4. Hey Michelle. I’m really glad you’ve found yourself inspired by my work.
    There was a lot of expression work within my project, but the majority was very basic. I haven’t found a really good online resource/book to learn expressions other than http://www.motionscript.com/design-guide/toc.html , the majority of the time I tend to just learn as I go along.

    Be sure to drop me an email if you run into difficulties.

    I’ve emailed you a collection of link I’ve found useful over the last year or so.

    Have fun

  5. Hi Jason!

    Congrats on the hallmark award, sounds awesome. Didn’t realise you got so many awards! Really great final year project, its inspired me to stay on for the last year rather than just stay in industry. Hoping to do a pixar style short 3d animation.

    Good luck with everything!


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Having spent a short period of time as a freelancer, I'm now working full time as a motion designer at venturethree based in central London.


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