New Designers Hallmark Cards Award

Good things just keep on coming at the minute..

Well there I was on Wednesday morning rushing to iron a shirt having had a little mishap on the tube, when Matt Collins “the cheeky chappy” gives me a call letting me know there are a number of people who’d like to talk to me about my final year project Josh Pyke – Fill You In (Music Video Showcase).

In a panic I darted off to the station and made my way down to the Business Design Centre in Islington (Where we also held the Made in Brunel event I’ve mentioned previously).

Shortly after meeting what turned out to be the Hallmark team I was stunned to find out that they were actually there to present an award. To my delight my name was announced across the tannoy and off I went to be presented with the “The New Designers Hallmark Cards Plc Award”.

The award consisted of a £1000 cash prize, along with a four week paid placement at their international head quarters in Bradford.

The company usually outsources all their animation work for ecards etc overseas, which will mean I will be leading their animation team while I’m working there. Although my main role will be animation they’re very interested in how they can communicate with people with a range of new medias I’ve come across during my studies at Brunel.

Judges citation: ‘Outstanding and professional multi media skills. Jason’s work represents a raw, illustrative talent using great typography and innovative design which makes a memorable and emotional statement.’

The photographer had an interesting challenge on his hands given the rest of the winners had physical exhibition pieces. Luckily I had my Computer Arts Magazine (Issue 150) to hand.

I’ve been seriously overwhelmed with the amount of attention this piece of work has received and shall enjoy the attention while it lasts. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Hallmark for selecting my work out of the hundreds of brilliant pieces of work the other universities had to offer at the exhibition.

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