Photorealistic 3D Interior Scene

*if you found this page while looking for vray render settings you may want to read the following forum discussion created while developing this interior scene –*

Well my final piece of coursework has been handed in, so I thought I’d upload a few images.

I’d still class myself as being relatively new to 3D Max and this was my first attempt at:
1. An interior scene, 2. A photo-realistic scene, 3. An architectural scene, 4. Rendering with Vray.

The requirement for this assignment was to create either a short animation, a photo-realistic scene or an abstract scene. As you can probably tell from the images below, I had a go at a photo-realistic scene. Whether or not I managed to achieved this is debatable.. You be the judge.

Camera 4Camera 5Camera 1Camera 3

I wasn’t overly satisfied with the shape of my jeans / t-shirts, so thought I’d try a render with and without:

Camera 6aCamera 6b

Unfortunately the final etched glass table top crashed mid-render and with less that 7 hours to go, there was no way I was going to be able to render out the mammoth 15 hour render before the deadline. Luckily I’d rendered out the plain glass version the day before.

Below are a number of test renders, which illustrate a number of the issues I had while trying to get my material to function in the way I wished.

I’d actually completed the modelling process a week prior to the deadline, but encountered a number of problems with Vray that took me over a week to address:

Test Render 4Etched SignatureTest Render 2Test Render 3

I will hopefully find the time to render this camera angle out again; however I think I’ll give my computer a little rest for now.

The inspiration for the clothing store came from an ex-work mate, who is in fact starting up his own clothing store and asked if I could help him out with some visuals to show the mall he is currently in talks with.


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