Music Video Showcase

My video has finally been completed and to see the fruits of my labour you can find it over at:
(high quality vimeo)
(low quality youtube) (high quality youtube)

For a look “Behind the Scenes”:

Early Animatic:

PDF (23.1 MB)

The aim of the project was to produce a music video experience, which encompassed a variety of multimedia disciplines to visually communicate the journey and narrative within the music’s lyrical basis. The premise of a music video is in fact used as a filter and foundation to showcase my own personal abilities across a number of multimedia fields and professional software packages.

The music video has been moulded around the music base and is seen very much as one element and not as a separate entity.

A variety of animation techniques have been used to bridge the gap between two and three dimensional environments, which is felt will give the footage depth and personality, but also to provide and incorporate a deliberate visual deception and disorientation to the video’s audience.

We’re not actually taught Affects Effects, Animation or anything like that on my degree, so my project was all based on what I’ve managed to pick up while on a year’s placement at Wurmsers Television Graphics ( who have strong relationships with the major broadcast companies such as the BBC, Five, Sky, Setanta and Channel 4 to name just a few.

Edit 26/03/08:
Featured in NoFatClips! podcast and video blog
direct link:

Edit 14/05/08:
Qualified as a Semi-Finalist in both Animation and Motion Graphics categories in the ADAA:

Edit 31/05/08:
Chosen to receive the award of excellence in animation and appear in the Computer Arts Showcase 2008 magazine, which is included in issue 150, dated July 2008 [On sale from June 5th 2008]

Edit 23/08/08:
Featured in Computer Arts Projects

Edit 23/03/09:
Finalist in the Royal Television Society Student Awards 2009 in the Animation category


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