Broadcasted Television Work


While studying a thick sandwich degree in Multimedia Technology and Design I spent 15 months at my placement company “Wurmsers Television Graphics“. Due to the family like environment in the company my position as a 2D/3D designer also included IT support, network administration and graphics operating to name just a few.

Wurmsers has produced television graphics for the likes of the BBC for over sixty five years and has very strong links and relationships with broadcasting companies such as SKY, ITV, Five, Setanta and many more.

There was a huge amount of responsibility involved in my work, which was coupled with the high pressures of deadlines and strict budgets that were enforced at all stages of a project by clients and management.


ITV: F1 Silverstone Corner Info

Here is the final render produced for the ITV’s coverage of the Silverstone Formula One track.

What makes this video interesting is that the entire composition was built within After Effects, taking full advantage of the 2.5 workflow the application offers.

One of the early attempts looked like this:


ITV: F1 Europe Corner Info

Here are the final renders produced for the ITV’s coverage of the European Formula One track.


BBC: Bowls Q&A Titles

Here is the final render produced for the BBC’s coverage of the Bowls event:

They chose not to go with the sting idea I presented them with and decided on a much simpler graphic:


TWI: Fort Williams Locator Map

Although not the final render, it was very close to how the final render looked. The main difference is the ending really. This was one of a number of pieces I was required to produce in the same weekend, yet in reality it was actually about a months worth of work.


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